Clear speech – what can it do and what can the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer do?

Klare Sprache - was kann sie und was kann der HDSX TV Sound Optimizer?

ARD, ZDF and other public broadcasters have introduced the "Clear Language" soundtrack since June 1, 2022. This is intended to increase the intelligibility of speech. We feel encouraged that we have developed a solution to this much-lamented problem.

Unintelligible dialogues in films or on TV are a real challenge when you want to watch TV in a relaxed manner, but the TV speakers just don't quite cut it. There are many manufacturers and broadcasters who are trying to offer an improvement for the TV sound. Under certain conditions, you can now use Clear Speech.

You can set up Clear Language on your television. How exactly this works varies from device to device. Please note: It only works in the HD programs of the respective broadcasters. For cable customers, reception of Clear Language is partially restricted. It is also important to note that Clear Language only works in German. Other languages ​​are not supported. And of course, “Clear Language” should not be confused with “Easy Language”.

If your TV situation meets these requirements, you can make the appropriate settings for clear language in the program of the five channels ARD, ZDF, rbb, WDR or NDR.

The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer is the solution for understandable dialogues regardless of program sources such as TV, streaming, internet or even gaming and is compatible with any sound system you already have at home. Simply plugged in between the TV and an external sound system, it also ensures consistent volume across all channels and program sources.

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