TV speakers for seniors

TV-Lautsprecher für Senioren

Hearing can deteriorate with age. For many people, hearing loss, especially in the higher frequencies, begins in midlife. This does not have to be detrimental, as the brain adapts to it and the difference to full-frequency hearing is only noticed again when the reduced frequencies are artificially added together. Many technologies do this by conducting a hearing test beforehand, in which the weak frequencies are found and then amplified accordingly.

Whether this artificial frequency increase is perceived as more pleasant and helpful is a matter of individual decision. The sound often seems artificial and has too much treble because the body has already adjusted to hearing fewer high frequencies.

The situation is different if your hearing has deteriorated so much due to old age or due to excessive consumption of loud music, for example through heavy use of headphones, that you need a permanent hearing aid in order to be able to cope with everyday hearing needs.

But back to normal hearing loss in old age. Are there TV speakers specifically for seniors? Yes, there are in the form of hearing amplifiers or portable speakers that you can place next to you with the aim of hearing more directly and loudly.

But is this really a satisfactory solution?

We think not, because it takes the senior citizen out of the community of television viewers. If you have to put an extra speaker next to or in front of you, then you usually have to watch TV alone, because all other listeners with full hearing ability do not benefit from this hearing aid, as it mainly only radiates to one listener. And they are not suitable as a replacement for a soundbar or hi-fi system, which means certain concessions to the general sound quality.

We think a better solution is to connect a normal TV sound system to an additional device that ensures consistent volume and clear speech for everyone.

Regardless of whether you are young or old, nobody wants to constantly use the remote control to counteract the volume changes within TV and streaming programs. In addition, the dialogues are sometimes incomprehensible because speech is drowned out by music and noise.

The solution is called HDSX TV Sound Optimizer. A palm-sized device that improves the TV sound by being plugged between the TV and an additional speaker, such as a soundbar. Using an external speaker for TV is generally recommended, as the TV speakers themselves usually have a low sound quality and therefore cannot produce a satisfactory sound experience.

The advantage of an external TV speaker system is that the soundbar or hi-fi system itself offers a balanced sound quality for everyone and not, like a hearing amplifier, a sound that is only aimed at those with reduced hearing, which often sounds sharp and unnatural to those with normal hearing.

The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer takes advantage of this basic quality and improves it with high-quality sound control that benefits all hearing abilities. It creates a consistent volume in real time, for example between loud advertising and quiet dialogue in films, and clear speech from actors by specifically emphasizing speech where it is overlaid by music and noise. The sound control is inaudible and a benefit for all ages and hearing abilities. This means that seniors also remain within the community and are not excluded from hearing.

In addition, a soundbar is positioned in front of or under the television. This means that all viewers can hear equally and not just one listening position is given particular preference, as is the case with a hearing amplifier.

The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer creates community among people of all generations and everyone benefits from this sound upgrade, because who wants to constantly adjust the volume with the remote control and only understand half of the dialogue.

Neighbors, sleeping children, and family members in adjoining rooms who are not watching TV also benefit from the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer. Without it, the problem often arises that people with hearing loss simply listen too loudly. With the HDSX sound control in the optimizer, you can generally hear things a little quieter, as you can be sure that there will be no more jumps in volume up or down. Once you have found the ideal listening volume, it will not change. At the same time, the short-term dynamics that are important for film dramaturgy are retained, so that the sound remains interesting to listen to at all times.

If there is no TV sound system in the household, a simple soundbar, for example in the 2.1 version, is sufficient to bring the sound experience optimized by the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer into your own four walls.

Installing the optimizer is extremely simple and can be done in just a few minutes: One cable connection goes from the TV to the optimizer, another from the optimizer to the TV's external sound system. Then the USB power cable is connected between a free USB port on the TV and the optimizer and the cabling is complete. The TV's digital sound output format is now set to "PCM" and "eARC OFF", the optimizer is activated at the touch of a button and the sound upgrade is active.

You choose your desired volume and reliably hear clear speech on all TV, streaming and internet channels.

Would you like advice, for example, on a soundbar suitable for your television? Call us on our service hotline on 0800 767 68 74 (free of charge in Germany), we will be happy to help. You can also reach us via our service email address at

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