Kontor DJ Delivery Service in HDSX 3D Sound awarded with the “Helping Entrepreneurs” sponsorship prize of the Gunnar Uldall Business Prize

Kontor DJ Delivery Service in HDSX 3D Sound mit Förderpreis “Unternehmer helfen“ des Gunnar-Uldall-Wirschaftspreises ausgezeichnet

Great joy at Kontor Records and Kronoton. The “Kontor DJ Delivery Service “stayhome” in HDSX 3D Sound” was awarded as part of the newly created “Entrepreneurs Help” award of the Gunnar Ulldall Business Prize. Kontor and Kronoton are donating their prize money of 2,500 euros to Clubkombinat Hamburg eV to support the Hamburg club scene in the effects of the Corona crisis.

Since the "DJ Delivery Service" began on March 17, 2020, it has had 49 million impressions, 7.6 million views, and 500,000 interactions. In addition, up to 110,000 viewers watched the stream at the same time. HDSX 3D Sound is the only technology in the world that creates a more intense and detailed sound experience from a single sound source. Whether it's a home entertainment system, smart speaker, laptop, smartphone, or headphones. The patented algorithm adds virtually invisible speakers to the visible ones. The result is a larger, enveloping sound. This allows you to immerse yourself in the music and not just sit in front of it.

In times of closed clubs and social distancing, the music that the DJs bring live into your living room provides an emotional mood boost. At the same time, the campaign, which is free for users, specifically supports the DJs and artists performing, such as Jerome, VIZE, ATB, Alex Christensen, DJ Antoine, Harris & Ford, EDX, Mike Candys, Markus Gardeweg, SONO, Boris Dlugosch, Pretty Pink, Mellow-D and many more.

About the price:

"Helping Entrepreneurs!" is an initiative of the Gunnar Uldall Business Prize and is intended to help initiatives and entrepreneurs who have shown a special level of personal commitment to others during the challenging times of the corona virus. The prize was launched at short notice in April, and proposals and applications could be submitted informally until May 10, 2020.

In memory of the former Hamburg Senator for Economic Affairs, Gunnar Uldall, and in order to carry his commitment to the values ​​of the social market economy into the future, a group of close friends and political companions has announced a highly endowed business prize - the Gunnar Uldall Business Prize, which was awarded for the second time in January 2020.

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