HDSX TV Sound Optimizer HDMI ARC

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Clearly understandable dialogues

The actors are clearly understandable, the film music is balanced in the background

Uniform volume

Whether between film and commercial break, the volume remains pleasantly balanced

Shared television experience

Enjoy every TV experience together, regardless of hearing ability.

Relaxed TV volume

without waking the children or disturbing the neighbors

Patented audio technology for unique TV sound

With the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer you can choose TV sound without volume fluctuations and clearly understandable dialogues.

Simply plugged between the TV and an external speaker system (e.g. soundbar), you can experience uncompressed sound quality with more audible details in the soundscape.

With just one remote control, you no longer have to constantly adjust the volume, just select the program or film and enjoy. Plugged in between the TV and soundbar, AV receiver or hi-fi system, you can experience uncompressed HDSX sound quality. At the same time, digital multi-channel formats such as 5.1, DD+ and Atmos can still be used easily thanks to the passthrough mode.


The HDMI version of the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer also includes another world first: Discover HDSX.360 at the touch of a button: Experience consistently understandable dialogues in the midst of an impressive 3D sound stage* thanks to a new generation of virtual multi-channel sound. Dialogues clearly from the center, undisturbed by music and noises. Music with a wide sound stage and precisely located sounds that move freely in the room.

These highlights are made possible in real time by a powerful chip - for a new freedom of sound. *The perceived intensity of HDSX.360 depends on the design and positioning of the sound system used.

Normally, speech intelligibility drops drastically with virtual surround and 3D sound. This is why the sound engineers at Kronoton created a completely new standard through a completely new development that combines great cinema sound from a few speakers in the living room with clear dialogue. The days of incomprehensible home cinema sound are over.

HDMI ARC vs. Toslink – Which model is right for you?

In this video we show you how the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer revolutionizes TV sound. Find out how you can enjoy uncompressed sound quality with our device and experience clear dialogues without volume fluctuations. Whether HDMI ARC or Toslink - we explain the differences and help you make the right choice.

Service line and technical support

Do you have questions about installation? Or don't have an external sound system but would like a recommendation?

Our service line is open for you: Call us on 0800 767 68 74 (free in Germany; from abroad: +49 40-75 69 17 26) or write to info@hdsx.com , we will be happy to help you during our service hours. Personally and individually. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

Technical data

Unparalleled sound clarity with the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer!


Metal, stone grey

Power supply

DC 5V via Micro USB-B connector

Audio input digital


Audio input analog

3.5mm jack stereo

Audio output


scope of delivery

Complete accessories for unique sound!


HDSX TV Sound Optimizer HDMI ARC


USB 2.0, USB-A plug to Micro-USB-B plug (50cm) | HDMI 2.0 cable (50 cm) HDSX certified | 3.5mm stereo jack cable (50 cm)

Velcro straps

Self-adhesive Velcro strips for attaching the device behind the TV

Stand feet

4 rubber feet, self-adhesive for standing

operation manual

operation manual


Here you will find answers to the most important questions about our product. If you need more information, please visit our comprehensive FAQ page.